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We have so many ways to collaborate but right until now, you didn't have space to work in.

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Design a personal workspace

Have a single link for all meeting

  • Replace offices by designing virtual rooms with strenght corporate culture.
  • Share your work, not your screen

Collaborate with your team members

Keep the team on the same page

  • Share multiple apps in a single environment and integrate your favorite remote tools
  • Power your brainstorming
  • Makes everyone heard
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Own the townhall

Build trust in your remote team

  • prevent loneliness and burnout
  • create opportunities for chance meetings
  • team building on steroids

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Customer Feedback

We received a lot of positive feedback on the platform. Many commented that it was the first time in a year that they felt that they were are a real convention.
John Stacy
Executive Director


We are using SpatialChat with our team spread across USA, Mexico, Latvia, Iceland, Montenegro, etc…It’s amazing to working together on Google Docs, Slides, ShareDocView Documents, Calendbook event types and other useful work links so that we keep track of what’s important.
Vincenzo Belpiede
Dataconomy has been super impressed with SpatialChat. In fact, we now use it instead of other video-conferencing tools for every meeting.
Stewart Rogers

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